The Port of Virginia is proud to offer terminal data through a number of APIs. In addition to retrieving data, many APIs allow users to subscribe and receive updates in near real time.

Get Started

The primary way to subscribe to events is via Application Programming Interface (API), which requires users to write software that will programatically retrieve data. Users who use subscription APIs will receive data through callback URLs.

You will need to request an API key to use this service.

Not a Developer?

Users who want to get data without writing code can request a subscription to all truck gate events for a specific SCAC code. Event data will be compiled in flat files and transmitted over email or FTP at a regular interval that you can specify.


APIs are organized around REST. APIs have predictable resource-oriented URLs, accept JSON-encoded request bodies, return JSON-encoded responses, and use standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.

A sandbox environment is provided for users to test their code. The sandbox is connected to live terminal data.

Base URLs



APIs use API keys to authenticate requests. You will receive two API keys, one for the sandbox environment and another for production.

Your API key must be included in every request. It can be provided in the header of the request or as a query parameter.

Click here to request an API key.

Authorization Header


Query Parameter


Flat Files

Flat File subscriptions allow users to receive all truck gate events for a specific SCAC. You can request a subscription by sending an email to Please specify either an Email address or an FTP address to which the files should be sent, as well as the frequency at which they should be sent (e.g. once per hour, once per day, etc).